Bicycles are rarely classified as fashionable, despite their popularity as a source of transportation and fitness. Unless it’s the Maison Tamboite x Louis Vuitton bike, which is the pinnacle of stylish in forms of transportation.

With a little help from Maison Tamboite, a Parisian artisan bike builder famed for blending French workmanship and Parisian style into its bikes since 1912, Louis Vuitton hopes to reverse that perception.

This collaboration, simply labeled “Louis Vuitton Bike,” is a continuation of the fashion house’s Art of Travel, and will be the appropriate combination for you to experience the city without looking like a sweaty peloton.

Louis Vuitton’s leather workmanship is exhibited extensively, with monogrammed eyelets on the leather saddle and contrasting edge-painting on the handles, putting both brands’ competence to the forefront. Choose the “Closed Frame” variant, and your plus one (or bag) may sit comfortably on a personalised baggage rack. Instead, the “Step-Through” has a lovely and useful front basket.

On the other side, Maison Tamboite concentrated on optimising the bike’s skeleton with trademarks of the brand, such as monogram flower-shaped cranksets and an interlocking LV-shaped frame. From the famous brown Monogram Canvas to vibrant red, yellow, and blue variations, both models will be available in a variety of hues and designs. They’re also suitable for both experienced and novice cyclists.