Find yourself a guy who releases a new romantic track to rejoice your wedding anniversary. Falak Shabir recently wrote the song “Zindagi” to commemorate his one-year wedding anniversary with Sarah Khan.

Khan too shared glimpses of the track with her social media followers in the interim.

Shabir’s love and respect for his wife are expressed in this song. We applaud the duo for presenting a wholesome and close relationship, in their music video ,as they are in everyday life.

Fans greeted the pair on their wedding anniversary and admired them for the love they exhibit for each other, within the comments section. Since their marriage, Shabir and Khan have frequently acknowledged their love for one another in public. On social media, the singer frequently shares videos of him gifting Khan flowers.

In addition, the couple has announced that they are expecting their first child. Shabir made the announcement via Instagram. “Alhumdulillah we’re expecting our first child. Remember us in your prayers,” the singer wrote.

In the year 2020, Shabir and Khan tied the knot. Their ceremony was indeed a large gathering of family members and acquaintances.

Apart from the song itself, it was Khan and Shabir’s genuine content in each other’s company, that intrigued audiences. Although they hugged in the video, there was no excessive PDA. We adore how, through their smiles and shared glances, they demonstrated the extent of love they have for one other.