Gohar Rasheed in an interview with BBC Urdu opens up about the beauty standards set in our industry. He said that in the initial days of his career a fan dropped a message to him on Instagram saying that he has helped him over-come his complex because he always wanted to an actor but was reluctant because of the marks he had on his skin. The actor also mentioned that as for actresses the industry has set a few beauty standards the same goes for actors as “this is a shallow industry”.

The host asked him about the viral scene in drama serial Lapata where he slaps his wife Falak (Sarah Khan). Gohar said that he being an actor should be very responsible for what message his roles will give and he never wants to show any physical abuse in his dramas but the scene had a very message for all the females out there. He wants girls to act in the same way as Falak did in the drama because all females are strong and they are not less than anyone.