Ishq Hai aired its last episode last night and it gave a strong message for both the parents and our young generation. The drama was directed by Aabis Raza, produced by Fahad Mustafa and Ali Kazmi under the banner of big bang entertainment. Both Minal Khan and Danish Taimoor shared the screen for the first time and fans completely loved their chemistry.

The drama had an intense story line and revolved around Shahzaib (Danish) and Isra ( Minal ). It started off with showing a love affair between Shahzaib and Isra and how it eventually the relationship gets toxic between them. Shahzaib played the character of an and over-possessive man who gets married to forcefully, due to which Isra’s father passes away creating a turbulence between both the families.

The drama further showed how both Shahzaib and Isra settle down with each other and further on get separated because of Shahzaib’s mother and cousins. The drama gave a strong message for all the parents out there that they should be well aware of the liked and dislikes of their children and should understand that their children can also choose their partners to get married to.

It also shed light on the impatient attitude of our young generation as this can cause some serious harm to the families. The drama ended on a happy note where both Shahzaib and Isra are re-united and everyone in Shahzaib’s family realise their mistakes, making it a happy ending!!