To celebrate the finale of Money Heist, Pepsi and Netflix, a streaming entertainment service, have partnered. Pepsi has released a limited-edition collection of golden cans and packs inspired by the classic series, which will be available on Netflix on September 3rd, leading up to the ultimate virtual fan party in October for all Money Heist fans.

The “Dali mask” and “Bella Ciao” symbols from the successful series will be included in the golden cans and packs.

Pepsi has also released a web film starring the brand’s ambassador, Tiger Shroff. The Professor sends Shroff on a mission to find the lost golden cans and packets in the film. At the end of the action-packed short film, he successfully executes the task and shows how consumers may now register for the ultimate virtual fan party by scanning the Pepsi logo.

“We’re pleased to celebrate Money Heist’s outstanding fanbase and the series’s climax with Pepsi. The forthcoming virtual fan party is open to all Money Heist fans, and all they need are Pepsi’s golden cans to get there. “We can’t wait for this fantastic event, which will serve as a prequel to a satisfying conclusion to a great series,” said Shilpa Singh, Netflix India’s director of marketing partnerships.

“I genuinely love Pepsi and have long admired Netflix’s Money Heist. I was overjoyed to be a part of a film that incorporated both of these characteristics, which I admire. I had a lot of fun filming it, and I hope everyone enjoys watching the action-packed segment as much as I enjoyed filming it. – Tiger Shroff

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