“Mukammal” meaning ‘complete’ represents years of our exhilarating and transformative journey as a brand. The ‘mukammal’ woman is a force to reckon with, a bold feminine power reshaping the world and challenging the status quo by depending on herself, fueling her passions, and owning her successes and failures.

She is left a dying note by her late husband, who encourages her to stay strong, reminding her that she is complete no matter what, with our without him. She symbolizes confidence, strength and an iron resolve likely to inspire the society and her children alike.

Our clothes define women who are beautiful, soft and feminine on the outside, yet strong and bold on the inside, defying the societal norms and casting their own definition of what femininity stands for.

The collection features an eclectic color palette of nudes and earthy tones of ochres, crimson, mustards and reds. The motifs used are also symbolic with layers of gossamer fabrics embellished with elaborate mirror work and intricate details.

Mirrors symbolize self-reflection, colorful chatta patti patchwork symbolizes creativity and freedom, and the scenic imagery including animal motifs and nature-inspired elements represent compassion, inclusivity and sensitivity.

The gorgeous hand-painted floral details make for visually stunning pieces of art ready to be worn.

Khadija Batool started her journey as a Design Head and has worked with various notable fashion houses of Pakistan. In 2015, the designer went solo with her private atelier in DHA Lahore to introduce her clothing line “Samsara by Khadija Batool”.

Khadija’s clothes pay homage to the legendary craftsmanship of the subcontinent artisans. They believe in amalgamating creativity with superior craftsmanship and design artistry.