Majority of Pakistanis and Muslims around the world believe in wearing amulets for protection and to keep evil out of their lives. With a spiritual plot, Khuda aur Muhabbat has shed light on a crucial component.

As Farhad refuses to return to his house, Mahi removes her amulet and hands it to him, swearing to to only wear it when Farhad returns back to life. When Farhad unfolds it, he discovers that the paper inside, which should have carried a Quranic verse, is blank.

To which, The Sufi Saint in the drama emphasises that people are healed or protected by their own faith and creed, not by what is written on the inside. Only Allah’s will and blessings can heal people. He quotes that, “ Amulets , prayers and solemn pledges are all tied with the thread of our own reliance on Allah. People don’t tie amulets, instead they tie their faith and if it’s ardent, then all diseases, problems or sickness will leave by themselves. Health and prosperity is only in Allah’s hands”

This perspective has made an extremely positive impression on us. The drama efficiently conveyed the message of “tawakal” (trusting in Allah’s plan), which is categorised as “absolute trust in God and sole reliance on Him.”