One of the most talented actresses of this generation is next to be seen in the acclaimed director Zaheeruddin’s crime-thriller. Being created under the banner of ‘Dareechay Films’ the film is anticipated to be a fine piece of art and is wrapped in an essence of realism. Currently being applauded for her groundbreaking performance in the drama series “Parizaad”, Ushna Shah will be seen playing a titular role of a cricketer in the upcoming film. “Parizaad” being a huge hit and the freshest reference of Ushna’s wonderful acting skills, the actress has a string of notable performances behind her suggesting the audiences can expect yet another enthralling performance. Ushna Shah was last also seen delivering a power-packed performance in the play “Aakhir KabTak” that just went off air in December 2021.

Apart from Ushna Shah’s strong screen presence and Zaheeruddin’s brilliant direction, the upcoming film will also be decorated by audience’s favorite, Usman Mukhtar as well. The film is said to be featuring more stars contributing to its creation who have not been revealed yet. However, the script that brings together exceptionally talented performers like Ushna Shah and Usman Mukhtar who is currently being loved in ‘Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay” will surely be worth the wait.

Zaheeruddin, the praise-worthy director of I.D Creations who established himself with popular ads like Kenwood and Kingtox, revealed in an interview that the film is a fine amalgam of a great script and talented actors. The statement can also be backed up by Ushna Shah’s presence in the film since the actress’s work history is evidence that she has a great choice when it comes to choosing powerful scripts.

As far as the release of the anticipated film is concerned, it has been on the floors for a while and will wrap up its last schedule by the end of January 2022. The film will then go through its final touches with the post-production and will be ready for the audiences to watch right after. The film is also being perceived as an auspicious start to Zaheeruddin’s new company “Dareechay Films” and Ushna Shah was surely a wise choice with her acting contributions.

Ushna Shah, a beautiful face and an exceptionally skilled performer is a well-established actress of the Pakistani drama and film industry. Born to actress Ismat Tahira, Ushna Shah rose to fame with “Bashar Momin” in 2014. Currently being garnered and applauded for her acting in “Parizaad”, she has contributed a lot to Pakistani entertainment industry and continues to offer lots more. It is safe to say that Ushna Shah is not a mere star but a truly exceptional performer in every sense of the word and the performances that she has delivered throughout her existing acting career is proof of that.



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