Three mates from three distinct Pakistani provinces, Punjab, KPK, and Balochistan, managed to visit Egypt. It all seems fascinating and refreshing until you acknowledge that all three of the pals are handicapped and that this tour was accomplished without the necessity of any additional support! Brava to all three ladies for their courage and determination!

Egypt is not a wheelchair-friendly country, yet marvels of life have led these three confident women to meet incredible individuals on their trip , who aided them to make this tour possible. Wonders of the intellect guided them to adequate, secure, yet adventurous possibilities. As stated, the latter waspromptly confronted with anxieties, such as being harassed by natives, for being on a wheelchair and still on a tour. People and acquaintances put forward security warnings in the the city of Cairo but the trio held firm and disregarded any kind of limitations.


From carrying their own baggage to wheeling on roads, they have definitely made great strides. From helping each other get in and out of the automobile by holding each other’s wheelchairs to opening doors for each other. Tanzila Khan, one of the three adventurous buddies states that this trip was a source of immense knowledge regrading each other, acquaintances and their own strengths.

Heartiest congratulations to this courageous example set by the three Female warriors of our country.