The Internet has gone insane over a chandelier made from empty Covid vaccination bottles. Laura Weiss, a nurse from Boulder County Public Health in Colorado, USA created a magnificent chandelier out of hundreds of empty Moderna vaccination bottles. On September 2, photos of her work were posted on Boulder County Public Health’s Facebook page.

Laura Weiss revealed in an interview that she was “motivated” to “repurpose” hundreds of Moderna vaccination vials to construct the “Light of Appreciation” chandelier. A portion of her interview was posted on the Boulder County Public Health Facebook page.

“As a Boulder County Public Health nurse, I saw the tireless efforts of healthcare personnel and volunteers who assisted with the vaccination of Boulder County people. I was inspired to build this ‘Light of Appreciation’ by repurposing hundreds of Moderna vaccination vials.

It is intended to honour and thank everyone who has contributed to saving lives, whether by acquiring the vaccine to protect themselves and others, caring for individuals who have been affected by Covid, or assisting in the vaccination effort. In this effort, we are all intertwined. “May the light bring hope for a brighter future after so much grief, uncertainty, and anxiety,” Laura Weiss stated.